Are you looking for drum & bass presents for Christmas? You can find them all in one place!

Immortalz, Christmas is getting closer and closer every day. Do you leave gift shopping for the last minute or do you plan to purchase them in advance? Whatever option you prefer, we have an article full of gift tips for drum & bass and Let It Roll fans.


Although it doesn’t look like that sometimes, girls are pretty simple creatures. Give them chocolate or a fresh flower, add a kiss on their foreheads and you win. However, you won’t do a mistake spoiling them with Let It Roll merchandise either! If you don’t know what to buy for your partners this Christmas, we present you pieces that every girl will appreciate. A red & pink oversized T-Shirt that she can tuck into her pants, leave outside, roll up like a croptop or cut the sleeves and make it into a croptop. Black leggings for the gym or chilling at home. White croptop sweatshirt that goes with absolutely everything. Dress on one shoulder, 100% comfort for dancing. Winter beanie of any color, we recommend coral, pink or black.



Finding a gift for a boy can be a bit tricky, but the good thing is that boys are usually grateful for absolutely anything! Whether they find socks or a voucher for McDonalds under the tree, they will repay you with a smile on their lips. But if you know that your boyfriend, brother, secret crush or friend loves DNB, we recommend that you consider the following gifts. The olive green bomber will warm him up in the winter and make him look cool. Drum & Bass hoodie for drum & bass fans, does it even need an explanation? Black Let It Roll backpack- let’s face it, the older one deserves to be exchanged for a new one for some time now. White T-shirt with the design of the Let It Roll Portal, in which he will be a local hottie at any time. A black bucket hat, purely because it’s a must-have for summer sipping at festivals.


We think every parent is cool. Raising small children requires a great deal of responsibility, but isn’t it nice to dress your children to match their parents? More than gifts for parents, these are gifts for children… Although they are actually more enjoyed by their parents 😁 If you have drum and bass fans around with a children of their own, give them this DNB merchandise – for example, black body, green T-shirt or red sweatshirt, all with print I was into DNB before I was born!


We are all for #relationshipgoals, especially the drum & bass ones. That’s why we’ve prepared a combination of festival merchandise for all festival couples.

Beige Rebirth T-shirt for her + Green Rebirth T-shirt for him.

Black T-shirt Portal for her + White T-shirt Portal for him.

White Big Brother T-shirt for her + Black Big Brother T-shirt for him.

White Let It Roll T-shirt for her + Anthracite Let It Roll T-shirt for him.

So don’t forget Immortalz – if you want your drum & bass gifts to arrive by Christmas, order your pieces asap. Have a nice DNB Christmas!

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