Immortalz, we know how much you’ve missed meet & greets so this summer we set a goal upon ourselves – to collect as many signatures from our headliners as possible 💯 Now we have two pretty sick looking denim jackets that are looking for a new owner 😳 We want to give them away but at the same time, support a great cause so we want to donate the money raised  🙏 You decided that the money will be donated to parents of four-year-old Filip and will help to pay for his new hearing aids ❤️🦻  Thank you for your help, let the countdown begin!

The auction will take place on Sunday 19th from 00:00 to 20:00. The starting price is 1000 CZK (approx. 44 EUR), the minimum bid amount is 50 CZK (approx. 2,2 EUR), and as you can already guess, bids are binding. Please keep this in mind, you have to pay your bids 🙏 Registration on our e-shop is required to bid in the auction, so we know how to contact you in case of winning and to know where to send the jackets. To make the bidding as easy as possible, the auction also features the automatic bid function. That means that the e-shop will automatically bid for you, you just have to fill in the highest price you are willing to pay and the e-shop will take care of the rest.

Immortalz, thank you for your help. You decided that the money we raise in the auction for custom Let It Roll jackets will be donated to parents of four-year-old Filip who recently found out that Filip is deaf. He has a surgery in February and in December, he’s got a casting of new hearing aids. This fundraiser aims to help to pay for them. In case you want to support them but are not interested in purchasing the jackets, you can do so HERE.

We also add the two other projects that you were choosing from. Energii lékařům helps healthcare personel who are fighting the coronavirus pandemic. They send packages to medical facilities containing a mix of bars, nuts, dried fruit and other functional and nutritionally valuable foods. You can support them HERE.

Moreover, the Czech non-profit organization Konsent is actively involved in the prevention of rape and sexual abuse. It organizes lectures and workshops, spreads awareness about the problem and creates a safe space for victims of sexual harassment. You can support them by donating directly on their website HERE. 

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