The new collection of drum and bass merch for Imagination Festival 2021 just landed on the e-shop!

The preparations for the long-awaited 11th edition of the loudest bass & hard festival in Prague are in full swing, and for this occasion, we created brand new Imagination merchandise for you. We tried to push the boundaries of our imagination, so look forward to an even more extensive collection for both drum & bass and harder styles fans. The dark black colour is visible throughout the collection, and the usual unisex T-Shirts are now joined by two new T-Shirt fits, three new hoodies and a wide range of accessories. Let’s dive in and explore the new drum and bass merchandise in detail.

The whole collection is tied together by three original Imagination designs. The first one is the OSCILLATOR, which is a device that works on the principles of a periodic fluctuation between two things based on energy changes. Whether we’re talking about speed, tension, dance moves, music waves or bpm, OSCILLATOR knows what’s up. This design found its place on a unisex dnb T-shirt with a logo on both the front and the back and a some fresh pieces – Imagination earrings and a necklace.

The second design is a mechanical mandala, also known as MECHA MANDALA. Although you can’t pain this mandala out on our black merchandise, Imagination studies have shown that after making a long eye contact, 9 out of 10 individuals feel calm, stress-free and full of strenght to dance the night away. We recommend testing its strenght yourself, for example on a unisex dnb T-Shirt with the Mecha Mandala design on the front and the Imagination on the back, a brand new women dnb croptop or the spacious oversized Imagination belt bag which safely guards all your stuff during the festival.

The last designs depicts our favorite geometric elements which allows SACRED GEOMETRY – MERKABAH break the boundaries not only in the range of the products but also in the new prints. In addition to the classic print on the front, MERKABAH works with a print on the back, specifically along the length of the spine – that is if we’re not counting the exception, new dnb crewneck which features print on the sleeves and the wristband. However, no matter how you let yourself to be hypnotized, SACRED GEOMETRY will never be a wrong step to take. Explore the design on a unisex drum and bass long T-Shirt, new dnb zipper hoodie, a brand new long line womens dnb hoodie, Imagination backpack or a wristband.

Don’t be mistaken though, the Imagination drum and bass merch doesn’t end here. Fans of simple and clean looks will be happy to hear that we also prepared A BASIC LINE with just the Imagination logo. A unisex drum and bass T-Shirt, womens Imagination crop top, a snapback with crew logo and a hit of this year – Imagination bucket hat are all products that feature this simple but cool logo design. Anyway, these are not all. Head over to our e-shop and find the products yourself!

So don’t walk, RUN to to explore the new drum & bass and harder styles collection and get your own piece! Moreover, the full collection will be available at Imagination Festival 2021 but if you are not attending for whatever reason, we recommend purchasing your favorite piece now as we cannot guarantee that they won’t sell out at the event. And if you want to get the merchandise before Imagination Festival, place your order latest on 16th November! – (Only for Czech Republic shippings.)

See you on 19th November!

Tickets are on sale at for €47.

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