Immortalz, it is our great honor to present you a unique ring created in collaboration with the Czech jewelry designer Ondřej Stará. This original signature piece of jewelry was handmade in a small workshop in the very heart of Prague, and each piece is original.
Art and music inextricably belong together, and we managed to materialize this connection into shiny dimensions. Do you want to shine with us? .

Original price was: 4,990 Kč.Current price is: 4,490 Kč.

The ring is made of sterling silver 925/1000. The ring is equipped with a state, authenticity and author’s stamp. Silver is naturally black, you can slow down this process with a sun ring when washing and bathing. Can be cleaned with a commercially available silver cleaner (along with an unused toothbrush – beware! toothpaste acts as an abrasive). A final polishing method was used on this ring at the end, which confirms the ring, closes the pores and all in an anti-oxidizing brine, this makes the black go away and slows it down, but it is still important to remember that the most important thing is how the ring is treated during wear.

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